Monday, 30 November 2009

This is a page from my diary,
a day in november
what happened that day i don't remember,
but i do remember when i wrote these words and then
re read them slowly to myself without emotion.
i thought feelings changed,
the words still sound the same.
i have no soul
im cold as december maybe twice as cold.
and white as the snow because of my age.
but my hand was shaking as i wrote this page.
you have everything, everything you have bargained for
everything you have worked for, everything you would have killed for,
take everything.
open the door, and let the rain fall in,
this first thing in the morning, the telephonr rings,i say, 'oh look at the time,' believe me when i say
thats the last thing on my mind.
will you take a walk with me by the ocean
before its too late.

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