Friday, 26 February 2010

Glamour Girl.

'Your'e my star,
Your'e my glamour girl.'

Dear Emily,
Do u remember these? Amazingly gold and amazingly wedged :)
hope you had a lovely time with Jenni, i am truly the lonely pea on the plate. Cant wait to hear all about your magic mushroom antics.
I am quietly getting on with work, and totally drained. i have four days worth of dreds in my hair, where are you to help me brush them out? :)

Hypnotise me with these beautiful shoes <3>

"Ashish there Hot."


Musical Duo, Stevie nicks and Lynsey Buckingham, sing folk together, with their curly hair and have been helping me get through the last few days..

Read to me:
One day i want my very own house just like this,
with a parrot on my shoulder next to a roaring fire. i would keep the curtains closed for days and then forget what day it was, nothing out of the ordinary really. Want to come over and get lost in some crazy self indulgent madness where there is no day or night.?
Parots name is fredrick.

Alice Palmer @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout. her 'Batman collection.'

come on summer i just cant sit around and wait for you anymore. is the weather in amsterdam as gross as it is here?
i think this is the next hat you should get em a big sun absorbing hat. you forget everything stressful when you put it on..Fabulous

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp:

They really are the coolest people.
Peas from the same pod, just like us all.

A Whole peace of loving for you xxxx


Sunday, 21 February 2010

'I'm hearing damage.'

'your mind is restlessyour hearing damage
but you don't feel any better.
your speakers are blowing
your ears are wrecking
you wish you felt better.'

A song to lift you from your hungover state: Lets dance on a Pogo stick: and also the cleverest video i have seen.

My outfit of the day is this - Reminds me of your hat :) that is currently takep up residence on top of my wardrobe along with the others... A happy hat family, i can see from my bed,

I wish i was holding this umbrella today, more fitting
for my natural habitat.
Where is the blue sky from this picture? i have not seen one in so long i need something to refresh my memory...Any time now...

Loving the bling: Rings Rings and more Rings, i am going to run out of fingers soon. <3

Today i heard a woman say to her child:
'Stand up straight, Walk straight, Think straight.' At first i just thought, 'bossy mum', but the more i hear it, good philosophy, i think its a good one for a dreary day, you know those days you just really cant be bothered to get dressed, or feel shit about something.
you have to pick yourself up somehow, if you don't, you cant think straight or even walk straight and i don't mean because your wearing heels.
People will do anything to work out why they feel bad
but if you can stand up straight and just put one foot in front of the other, i think you will be able to see straight too.

''I wanna hold your hand...''

Miss you Noo xxx

Friday, 19 February 2010

'Lie to me.'

'when you look with your eyes, everything seems nice, but if you look twice, you can see its all lies. ''
Lets have a nice nap on the sofa.
I have a weird fascination with hands, they are so interesting,
young or old, there is something there.

This makes me feel ever so less guilty for being in my pants alot, i am going to stick this in our lounge and at once it will be an acceptable past time.

'In and out of the window day.'
remember when i was only allowed through the window?, well this morning the old man opposite our house told me not to be alarmed if i saw him frequently climbing in and out of his window, and he is not a burgler and actually lives there. his lock is broken, bless him..
i would really pay to see this old man trying to get out of this window, in fact i may lurk.. for the pleasure of a good picture.

Good morning Emily Osborne, A song for you ... its just in my head today, share and share alike,

Sometimes i wish my wardrobe could be more like this, i think a cluttered wardrobe could in my case reflect my cluttered brain... it looks like a much simpler existence living like this...

A hippy garden, more of a collection of hippy things in morocco
i am saving up to go here,
Have a lovely sunday, i actually cannot stop watching this video:
Love Saz xxxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

your not alone in this crazy world.

I think i live in the moon, out of it. Maybe i can see myself in you.'
Maybe you can see yourself in me.
Tell me your crazy stories, write down a secret.
But play this music as loud as can be.
Open the window, drag down the curtains,
and sing this song as loud as can be.
it will take more than a day for us to change. But your not alone.

Can i just say, how creepy
is this jewlery?

My brain tricks me,
by drawing smiles on my face, i miss you.
Emily, is this what you look like on your bike? Minus the dog? replace it with cheese?

Dear Emily, Do you feel like this some
i know it is a repetative pattern, but something exciting happens
everyday, sometimes it goes unnoticed i think but its always there.

Outift of the day, i have never seen bigger heart shape sunglasses, its love in sunglass form... on your face a big bundle of love.

Beautiful colours, Chloe, this reminds me of your turkey dress.

Sometimes i sit like this and read, is that weird? I can see everything from a different angle. refreshing.

We got your loving postcard i have pinned it up in the lounge. I am having a flat hair today and i feel your pain. Perfect choice of postcard, we love u too!
I am in the middle of writing you one i will send a little package with Jenni for you. Is life as crazy and upside down as it is here? i'm feeling that restless feeling you get, we are into our project, and i want to get started experimenting,i wish you were here to help us both along. Hung my washing in your room, just so it sees a little action of some kind, sat on your bed, then i heard the dog barking ARGHH!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I got you babe.

Please bare with me while i sort my life out. and get my bum into gear!
Right, It is raining today, still, disgusting, and i think i feel like the weather. I need something fabulous to happen and quickly. I thank my lucky stars everyday i got all you babes to make my day and to always say something of the amusing nature :)

On the upside, its pancake day and we have managed to have pancakes for lunch and dinner. i wanted to make funny shapes with them and see if i could get one stuck on the ceiling, no such luck firstly i am not talented enough for the challenge and secondly after one i was full, i think i got to excited too quickly. its just like drinking, you peak too soon and its over.
Its over.

An image from my research of the day: share my love for YSL in a rectangular box..i love it weirdly.

Lara Stone shot by Steven Klein...
'Lara, Fiction Noir,' wins an award in the reflection section @ A shaded view on Fashion Film, Festival in Paris, check it out, Amazing, im not sure i quite understand the film though.

Beautiful Bob Dylan, i wish people like him didn't get old, i wonder what anti wrinkle cream he uses.

Photoshoot somewhere lovely i'm sure where, not england though.
i want to love life in these colours

My castle in the distance, Can you see?


Monday, 15 February 2010

'This house is a circus.'

'This house is a circus, berserk,
We tend to see that as a perk though.
Look What it's done to your friends their memories are pretend
And the last thing they want is for the feeling to end.'

Jessica Stam shot by Derek kettela.

Today, i saw a woman with no eyebrows and tattoos instead, in the exact shape and size of an eyebrow, an interesting idea.. i wonder if she plucks them especially?

I feel like we live in a bubble here, cosy and safe in our house, when i leave i think i ignore everyone around me, everyone's so busy and selfish, they need a happy house to come home to, with happy people and a little excitement.
We are lucky our house is a circus, i never want to leave, there is laughing and excitement everyday, and my housemates are the icing on the cake. :)