Monday, 17 May 2010

hold your breath, count to three

Lets begin with a spin, travelling in the world of my creation.
i feel rather content today. maybe because the sun has finally decided to shine, im not sure, i have spent the day cutting out letters and scanning the
m in... rather liked i
t, relaxed my brain...

Fie is enjoying her new sofa... glad that she now has somewhere to lounge :)
so nearly didnt fit in the appartement.

A pretty cool appartement (Simons)

'She printed racing stripes on her hoola hoop in the hopes that it would go faster.'
A set of really great photographs on show @ the Copenhagen Photo festival. Fie and i took a look around yesterday.... if only i could remember the name of the

Fie, this is for you, i really enjoyed these pictures too. I know you had something else to say about them.. i know they were gross but the accompanying book i thought was really sentimental. wor
th a look anyway. ;)

I Also watched 'Chloe' last night after we were talking about it. It kind of freaked me out a bit, but again im glad i saw it..

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