Sunday, 20 June 2010

to whom it may concern

So my inbox has exceeded its limit and i must delete all messages, some are quite funny and just good memories to have, you can never have too many.. these are just a few from the last year that make me smile :) To: you lovely people in my life have a giggle.. and everyone else, you might not understand soz

Get to Sainsburys car park NOW :) xoxo 17:08 26-oct-09 JAMES

The clocks have gone back an hour !!! Shit i'm texting u as i'm thinking you didn't know either. ROBBIE.

one thing to say, keep calm and carry on. 15 :49 29-oct-09 EMILY

Oh shit im stuck now too! 16:07 30-oct-09. JEN

Sorry i didnt get back to you last week i am an ignorant savage! i saw emily in epsom yesterday! 10.34. 19-nov-09 LOUISE

Big news, harriet now has a paid job. minimun wage here i come. 19:30 26-Nov-09 HARRIET

Im watching twilight now, i'm shiverin. 0.04 29-Nov-09 EMILY

Hey saz babe, just on my way back home now, yo
ure going to have to do some DIY dentistry on me if thats ok 8.17 30-nov-09. CHLOE

i just walked out of the house, then remembered u were coming to jessops too, how rude. 9.45 2-dec-09 EMILY

if you see some could u get me some wooley tights. thank you very very very very much xoxo 11.35 3-dec-09 JENNI

all the customers are mean i would rather be at home making a wigwan or even writing an essay. 16:21 5 - dec- 09 JENNI

Im at the christian union xmas dinner, feeling very close to god. 21:11 7 dec-09 WILL

Could you please make sure i am up early because i am rubbish, my battery is going to run out! Thanks xx 23:43 14- dec- 09 DANNY

Who was driving your old car? did it look happy? 18:33 21-dec-09 JENNI

i just got the boat that rocked. miss u loads xxx 16:27 29- Dec-09 EMILY

mmm warm bed. x 0.35-dec-09 DANNY

the house looks like an explosion of party poppers! 1 :51 1-jan-10. HARRIET

saz irish dancing was soo good. missing u guys loads but will re united again for party times soon! 15:32 3-jan-10 EMILY

will be waiting for you my sweet 11:36 5 jan-10 CHLOE
Oh NO! 11:02 6-jan-10 JENNI
hung over much today? :0 20:46 12-jan-10 WILL

so u didnt see white lights then! Come Home now!! 10:01 3-feb-10 CHLOE

i wanna tickle your belly button from the inside 17:24
12-feb-10 SOPHIE

sex bomb Jonathan emailed me last night we need to clean emilys room!!! xoxo 13:57 20-feb-10 JENNI

Pajamas? xxx 19:01 20-feb-10 JENNI

too pricey

whoop whoop on my way to yours to cause some trouble. :0 21:21 24-feb-10 DANNY

KT17 1JB for the millionth time!!! 10:37 26-feb-10 CHLOE

please dont have a breakdown !! xx 12:49 5 -mar-10 WILL

got the shoes but no tights anywhere! 20:45 6 -mar-10 SOPHIE

hems just seen me topless i dont like it lol xxx 14:47 11-mar-10 CHLOE

you are just crazy 20:41 30-april-10 WILL

sarah bell i love you! 12:34 17-mar-10 JENNI

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  1. Actually just laughed so so so much!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! X