Saturday, 10 July 2010

my ears like ♫

Loving the mumford and sons this week and i just want his top hat, obsessively.

Listen listen to their music and everything will be fine..

Mornings are hard sometimes arent they? some days you just need to be left alone to sleep it off... and some people just need to be told.
just got these, ♥ them.

mmmmm maybe yes actually... should have thought more carefully before answering shit, ;)

Mr J L himself..
A lover just like us,
Speaking of love,
Jenni how is your jolly holiday going?? we miss u .. youv'e got a package outside your door, a little excitment for u to come home to. .. or just come home anyway,


  1. I love this post saz
    how are the shoes ?
    when are u home?
    and I love how you filled the sheet out , u would of thought one of us wud have seen it


  2. SAZ i wanted those BOOTS ahhhh I couldnt decide if they were ugly or beautiful

  3. Are you going to Vintage at Goodwood?! It's going to be so much fun! XxX

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  5. Yess! Me and han will see you guys there! XxX