Saturday, 17 April 2010

up MY dosage.

Saturday morning, and
i'm just about to head out with my camera. and buy you all postcards,
bad news though i have been in a couple of souvenir shops and have had no luck with the i love copenhagen condom. shame
i met with the two other interns yesterday afternoon who were both really nice, which is good. they r older and taller lol :)
i've been walking around a lot trying to get used to the streets. i keep passing amazing bakeries full of pastries and cakes, i knew i would like it here.
i do feel a bit lonely though, not plain lonely, but lonely for you... its a different kind of lonely, ya know?
im going to watch my friend lykke play her volleyball match this afternoon so that should be fun!
i have been watching skins alot too :) old habits die hard.
missing you so very much
kiss kiss kiss

I Miss all these things --------->

1 comment:

  1. I know the lonely you are referring today
    I sat by a canal in the sun today, and it was so beautiful you just need people to share it with

    So glad your happy babe xxxxxx