Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I love the way you love

<3 like a close friend you don't see a lot

The sandal and the sock..this is my outift of the day and week, i just love it.

I like reading big books with big words.
Im not sure this is a book anymore... its more like a chair.

when i'm on my own i think too much. my brain gets fried with lots of things all milling around in there, today i'm not even sure what i'm thinking about.. i'm sitting in my room but really i could be anywhere, somewhere really hot, where they grow tropical fruit and chocolate and everything would be beautiful. i like it. lots of people get bored of their imagination..things get too samey and they look for a chance to escape.. i think these are the people who need to keep themselves busy all the same, so they don't get stuck with themselves.
i think i am the complete opposite, i think if i was left alone for long enough i would get totally lost inside myself but i would like it.

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