Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'If Anyone Should ever ask.'

the sun is shining today and its making me Jolly :)
Chloe and Jen had a sit in the sun this morning, gave it a test run.
I pulled some images from my old computer, i missed them.

Emily, i still miss you. I am just drinking a cup of juice out of the mug u sent me.. Jen is unimpressed she got the boy one.

Lets fly south for the winter.

100 yards to the sea. So close, but so far. This is the day i witnessed an accident without even realising, i was too busy taking this picture, in fact i was totally oblivious. :) Anyway, i love those pictures when its difficult to tell the difference between the sea and the sky, the blues are so similar.

A lonely umbrella on the beach, saved me from severe sunburn, i am forever grateful.

Oh, to go on holiday like this. its more like a backpack and comfy plimpsoles.
Sometimes i wish i could be a little more sophisticated or at least pretend to be, a lie i couldn't keep up for long i am sure of it,

I reach up to you.
Always crashing to the ground
Always from the same height
Always falling down
And if you start a fashion now
Make me a believer
The seas will part somehow

Staring at a silver sun
I'm blinded
I can see you almost in my town
Nothing but a seat of blue
Seperating seasons
And I think of you.

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