Tuesday, 23 March 2010

my adventure.

And he says:
what do you like to do?
outside your world who spends time with you?
and who do u love when your not working?
where would you go, if you had the time?
crossing some crazy country somewhere?

I chose to dance across the world
everyone said i'd never learn
i tried to listen and i did hear every answer
i want to fly across the world
to see all the cities i never saw
sometimes i'm allowed to fall

And he says : come down here for a minute,
slow down for a minute, i've waited all my life for you, Sweet Girl.

Saz and Dad

Wild streets of Paris.

Chase the sun... ----------> -------------> ------------------> ---------------->

Nikki Beach.

Jenni this could be our house boat? u can row.. :)

does anyone else feel like food rules your life at the moment?.. food is a happy happy time.

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