Tuesday, 9 March 2010

'There is never a dull moment on Adelphi Road.'

Todays song, that is stuck in my head:

'Take me out tonight
where theres music and theres people
and theyre young and alive
driving in your car
i never never want to go home.
Take me anywhere, i don't care.'
Jenni, your cd has evidently rubbed off. :)

Emily, we have had an exciting day. We thought we were being burgled, so we poked our heads outside fencing swords at the ready, to find ourselves face to face with a policeman...
probably shouldn't have done that.
they were looking for someone down
our road, in our garden... why do the crazies gravitate towards us?So we thought we would escape to Nando's. Eventful

Mirage Magazine has some lovely front covers.

gold and red sparkle over the knee socks, next
on my list of wants, the sun can reflect off them and i can whistle my happy tune as i walk down the street.

Would you rather be a Kite with me?
i dream like im flying all the time. i must look up what is means in Jenni's dream book.

when im in the shower i like looking at what shampoo everyone has,
helps define their personality.

Emily, yours is always coconut

and Jenni either the body shop or something strawberry. these pictures are so funny. :)

The latest styling progress we are making, for fencing shoot on Tuesday:
pretty cool.

All my love X

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  1. I know that little character, its from a card game i used to play at my granddads as a kid