Friday, 5 March 2010

'Its quiet and i can hear you sing.'

Its quiet at home tonight, everyones tired. If i was to describe my mood in terms of colour i think this image is the perfect example, i feel a bit dazed, maybe i am tired? or is that me normally? Whichever, I am not a bold blue, and more easygoing than a bright yellow. On a mood ring, I am the pastel green grey and peach, an in- betweener tonight.

Emily, i have picked up my feet and feel happier today. I'm singing along with my music and i'm sure someone must be able to hear... worrying, as my singing voice is not award winning. I sat with the window open today, i was deceived by the lovely sun into thinking it was far warmer than in in fact was.. impatience. and a mistake i will not be making again in a while. i ended up turning the heater on.. not quite the same as 'Real' summer heat.

This looks like a home made house hanging off a cliff, how can anything be more beautiful? big enough for all four of us... with wardrobe space.

Outfit inspiration, pretty dress and man boots works everytime :)

Butterfly valley i miss you. i found a very real smile here :)

If i did this one day, would i be considered a tramp do you think? it looks so peaceful i could be quite happy here.

I am sad i wont be going to glastonbury this year, so much fun i will miss it.
Wrap me up in a blanket, sing me a bob Dylan song and give me some sunny glasses and a sparkler.
Maybe i wont know the difference..

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  1. Whenever we get stressed we can think about our summer adventures and it will make us happy again, butterfly valley looks amazing, I can't wait to go :) xxxxx