Friday, 19 March 2010

'Fashion's cruelest Form.'

Emily, i hope you have a lovely weekend with charlotte and amy, show them your amazing city.
these are some images from our shoot yesterday. what do you think?
i am currently researching.... AG and i want someone to make a cup of tea for me... :) i cant wait to see u over easter we have so many funny things to catch up on. you are welcome for your bracelet, lets hope it brings you some good karma soon.. i could do with one too
i have forgotten what you smell like :( i cant even find it on your clothes sad sad times..
can we also do our roots when your back, i am in desparate need of some hair therapy..
its back to being cloudy and cold !! its just so hard to catch that old sun..
back to work,
all my love,
saz xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. No smell left!!!! thats the saddest thing ive heard, my clothes dont smell like home any more
    God please roots!!! number one on the list

    Hope work is good babe, keep at it!!! I love You a Million Times over xx