Monday, 15 February 2010

'This house is a circus.'

'This house is a circus, berserk,
We tend to see that as a perk though.
Look What it's done to your friends their memories are pretend
And the last thing they want is for the feeling to end.'

Jessica Stam shot by Derek kettela.

Today, i saw a woman with no eyebrows and tattoos instead, in the exact shape and size of an eyebrow, an interesting idea.. i wonder if she plucks them especially?

I feel like we live in a bubble here, cosy and safe in our house, when i leave i think i ignore everyone around me, everyone's so busy and selfish, they need a happy house to come home to, with happy people and a little excitement.
We are lucky our house is a circus, i never want to leave, there is laughing and excitement everyday, and my housemates are the icing on the cake. :)

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