Thursday, 11 February 2010

"Its weird when famous people die" - Jenni Snowdon

Say Cheese.

In love with post it notes and messages, it doesn't even have to mean anything important, just write me one everyday and stick it on my door and i will love your forever :)
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A very happy Ginny, she is by her beloved seaside,

Bright and Blue.

Dear Emily,
please if you see any of the chanel paris sunglasses that are circular, please could u swap something for them. i will send you something to swap. they will match the top hat to perfection. i have been looking out everywhere for a pair, a fake pair obviously, you would think that such a pair would have many admirers looking to copy them?
How is Uni going? C.S is boring as ever, and our tutor reminds of James Ward, that is all i can think about. And when he showed this image in the lecture last week i nearly fell off my chair! My eyes could not believe it. Oh Madonna, what are you doing?

Love saz xxx

1 comment:

  1. Go On Madge!
    yes i want those sunglasses too!!! alot! im on it babe