Friday, 19 February 2010

'Lie to me.'

'when you look with your eyes, everything seems nice, but if you look twice, you can see its all lies. ''
Lets have a nice nap on the sofa.
I have a weird fascination with hands, they are so interesting,
young or old, there is something there.

This makes me feel ever so less guilty for being in my pants alot, i am going to stick this in our lounge and at once it will be an acceptable past time.

'In and out of the window day.'
remember when i was only allowed through the window?, well this morning the old man opposite our house told me not to be alarmed if i saw him frequently climbing in and out of his window, and he is not a burgler and actually lives there. his lock is broken, bless him..
i would really pay to see this old man trying to get out of this window, in fact i may lurk.. for the pleasure of a good picture.

Good morning Emily Osborne, A song for you ... its just in my head today, share and share alike,

Sometimes i wish my wardrobe could be more like this, i think a cluttered wardrobe could in my case reflect my cluttered brain... it looks like a much simpler existence living like this...

A hippy garden, more of a collection of hippy things in morocco
i am saving up to go here,
Have a lovely sunday, i actually cannot stop watching this video:
Love Saz xxxx

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