Sunday, 21 February 2010

'I'm hearing damage.'

'your mind is restlessyour hearing damage
but you don't feel any better.
your speakers are blowing
your ears are wrecking
you wish you felt better.'

A song to lift you from your hungover state: Lets dance on a Pogo stick: and also the cleverest video i have seen.

My outfit of the day is this - Reminds me of your hat :) that is currently takep up residence on top of my wardrobe along with the others... A happy hat family, i can see from my bed,

I wish i was holding this umbrella today, more fitting
for my natural habitat.
Where is the blue sky from this picture? i have not seen one in so long i need something to refresh my memory...Any time now...

Loving the bling: Rings Rings and more Rings, i am going to run out of fingers soon. <3

Today i heard a woman say to her child:
'Stand up straight, Walk straight, Think straight.' At first i just thought, 'bossy mum', but the more i hear it, good philosophy, i think its a good one for a dreary day, you know those days you just really cant be bothered to get dressed, or feel shit about something.
you have to pick yourself up somehow, if you don't, you cant think straight or even walk straight and i don't mean because your wearing heels.
People will do anything to work out why they feel bad
but if you can stand up straight and just put one foot in front of the other, i think you will be able to see straight too.

''I wanna hold your hand...''

Miss you Noo xxx

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  1. Saz i had food poisoning!!!! not a hangover! god i wish it was a hangover