Tuesday, 9 February 2010

London is a mystery to me.

'riding through the city on my bike all day'

I am always excited to go to london and always demoralised by the amount of people, especially the shoving, there is no need to push, i always end up feeling like a ping pong ball, being hit back and forth,did my best to push back today, if u spent your entire life in London, there would still be mysteries to this city. but no matter how far you stray off the beaten track and the countless times you get on the wrong tube or bus, you will always end up in a familiar place. Mcdonalds? or Urban outfitters? In which i came across this Tee, just what you need emily.

On the prowl for some inspiration, Carnaby street that then led to Liberty's, where everything was Valentine's related, is it wrong that out of all the amazing things all i wanted was the decoration boards, 'all you need is love,' ?

Stella Mccartney's underwear box set. Move over Princesse Tam Tam, these beauties made my day. A girl can dream they are £125 sadly.

Weird one this, while i was looking fashion for charity i clicked on a website and
there is an article about a charity shop, where i bought this dress, this exact dress, this is my dress and its featured in an article, i don't know who these people are, but i always knew my dress had had an in
teresting life.

A lovely lovely Book xxx

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