Monday, 8 February 2010

Keep Calm,

And Keep Going this way,
Sun in your eyes not a cloud in sight and the sea 500 m
etres below. One word: Beautifullness and a lovely memory.

Playing a little music on the beach, is the way to go. Sunset is fast approaching and you can see the sea open its mouth and grab that fireball, and then its gone. Camp fire time.

Listen as you read:

this is probably one of my favourite pictures i took in Turkey and should be number one on anyone's list of style secrets, this was how he was walking around, no jokes a serious face rocking this hat. We found it more that hard to keep
a straight face, luckily caught the shot before he turned around to two sniggering English Girls Awkward, worth it, i have just never seen anyone quite like it. brilliant. Accessory shoot idea?

An Beautiful book i came across today, called 'Passport to Tresspass, Volume 5 'Come Home.' 500 polaroids of a travel journal made into a book, or a few. Amazing pictures just feels like an experience of a lifetime and shows us the beauty of our surroundings, sometimes this goes unnoticed and we forget to look.

Emily, this is the big blue eye of the fiat 500, and Bold and Beautiful, u are match made in heaven.. i could see u cruising the town in this bad boy.

My Outift of the week:

The glasses craze is ever going...
My favourite image yet to illustrate this. Pink Hair to match? Oh yes.

Squeeze my hand. X

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