Wednesday, 17 February 2010

your not alone in this crazy world.

I think i live in the moon, out of it. Maybe i can see myself in you.'
Maybe you can see yourself in me.
Tell me your crazy stories, write down a secret.
But play this music as loud as can be.
Open the window, drag down the curtains,
and sing this song as loud as can be.
it will take more than a day for us to change. But your not alone.

Can i just say, how creepy
is this jewlery?

My brain tricks me,
by drawing smiles on my face, i miss you.
Emily, is this what you look like on your bike? Minus the dog? replace it with cheese?

Dear Emily, Do you feel like this some
i know it is a repetative pattern, but something exciting happens
everyday, sometimes it goes unnoticed i think but its always there.

Outift of the day, i have never seen bigger heart shape sunglasses, its love in sunglass form... on your face a big bundle of love.

Beautiful colours, Chloe, this reminds me of your turkey dress.

Sometimes i sit like this and read, is that weird? I can see everything from a different angle. refreshing.

We got your loving postcard i have pinned it up in the lounge. I am having a flat hair today and i feel your pain. Perfect choice of postcard, we love u too!
I am in the middle of writing you one i will send a little package with Jenni for you. Is life as crazy and upside down as it is here? i'm feeling that restless feeling you get, we are into our project, and i want to get started experimenting,i wish you were here to help us both along. Hung my washing in your room, just so it sees a little action of some kind, sat on your bed, then i heard the dog barking ARGHH!

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