Saturday, 13 February 2010

'quick lock the doors there is Bucks fizz in the boot.'

How are you?

days pass so quickly i cant believe it. some pass quicker than others of course, but these ones seem to be going extra quick. happy valentines day emily, hope you had a lovely day. we miss u so much, we have just had a big dinner as usual and ...yes... u guessed it bucks fizz, yummy. we wish u were here, its weird not having u here to be silly with us,
Just a few pictures today i haven't had a chance to post lots, :)

I float around the town, in my own world. Here the sun shines, birds sing all day and and i can wear a top hat and a beautiful dress, no one can bother me and if u want to find me, i am generally here.

My outift of the week Above: Mix and Match is the best combination.

With love your valentines X

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